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Hot & Cold Water Bidet - PW200

$109.99   $67.99

Natural Water Bidet -PW-100

$79.99   $56.99

Dental Water Flosser

$29.99   $24.99

Portable Lotta

$39.99   $19.99

Hand Held Bidet - Stainless Steel

$79.99   $49.99

Hand Held Bidet - Stainless Steel HH-80

$79.99   $49.99


Toilet Lotta is a must have product!

In the Indian culture we have the Indian toilet lotta or bathroom lotta which is the equivalent of the bidet. Essentially the hygiene status of the Indian lotta is achieved through the use of water to clean the anal and groin area instead of using the plain hands. It is a great alternative to the dry toilette paper that has completely taken over the Western world. We would never dream of bathing by just using dry toilette paper and yet we do this for the most intimate parts of our bodies that are prone to germs and other disease carrying vectors. The smart toilet lotta has applications for other cultures other than the Indian culture and its popularity is growing on an almost daily basis. It would be very foolish to ignore the obvious advantages of the lotta over the conventional wisdom of using dry toilette paper.

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